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Revolutionizing Safety & Security

NC4 delivers safety and security solutions that revolutionize how government and corporate organizations collect, manage, share and disseminate information to fight crime, mitigate risks, manage incidents, and securely communicate and collaborate with one another. The NC4 solutions combine technological innovations and highly skilled specialists to enhance safety and security in an increasingly dangerous global threat environment.

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NC4 Quarterly Call for NC4 Risk Center Customers
April 23, 2014 | 1pm EDT

Don't miss the opportunity to join us for this quarter's webinar for NC4 Risk Center customers.

LEIM 38th annual conference ready to educate law enforcement on technology
April 16, 2014

Law enforcement agencies are getting prepared for the 38th annual...
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NC4 Risk Center™

The next release will be made available in a GPS-enabled smart phone app, to give users real-time GPS tracking and alerting, geo-fence alarms, and an emergency assist button for requesting assistance.

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NC4 Street Smart™

The 2.0 release introduces the NC4 Crime Connector™ feature that puts data about people, places, activities and assets in one place – at your fingertips.

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