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Revolutionizing Safety & Security

NC4 delivers safety and security solutions that revolutionize how government and corporate organizations collect, manage, share and disseminate information to reduce cyber threats, fight crime, mitigate risks, manage incidents, and securely communicate and collaborate with one another. The NC4 solutions combine technological innovations and highly skilled specialists to enhance safety and security in an increasingly dangerous global threat environment.

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Lack of perspective leaving some companies vulnerable to cyber threats
March 16, 2015

A recent spate of high-profile attacks on some of the largest national and international businesses...
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Cybersecurity summit emphasizes newness, unpredictability of threats
February 24, 2015

A recent summit on cybersecurity sponsored by the White House and featuring President Obama...
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NC4 Cyber Threat Exchange™

For over 15 years, NC4 has operated the most successful cyber exchange communities in the world. NC4’s Cyber Threat Exchange solutions serve over 16,000 cyber professionals and over 3,000 organizations in 30 important global communities including finance and defense.
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NC4 Signal™

NC4 Signal brings law enforcement a powerful suite of tools to leverage social media in developing intelligent insight for the purpose of preventing and investigating criminal activity.
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